Camp Rules

1. No running in camp outside of program areas.

2. Always use the buddy system.

3. No unauthorized climbing.

4. Stay out of any area marked by yellow caution tape.

5. Absolutely no smoking in camp.

6. Place all trash and recyclables in their proper containers.

7. Leave every area cleaner than you found it.

8. Every person inside camp must wear a wristband all week. (If a camper needs a replacement wristband, inform a Staff member.)

9. All visitors must sign in and out at Camp Headquarters and wear a wristband. 

Camp Checklist

What to Bring to Camp


  • Health forms for Cub Scouts, Adults, and Siblings (EVERYONE) 
  • Cooler with ice for lunches/snacks and a wagon to transport them (optional) 
  • Wet wipes for pack to clean hands
  • Insect repellent (40% DEET recommended) 
  • Sunscreen, hat, rain gear
  • Camp chair (if desired) 
  • An attitude of FUN! AND all that is listed below: 


  • Lunch & snack 
  • Water bottle
  • Insect repellent, hat, sunscreen, rain gear
  • Day pack to carry items in Camp
  • T-shirt - it is our uniform, so wear it every day
  • Comfortable enclosed shoes (no open toes, heels, sandals)
  • Money for Trading Post (optional) 
  • Wristbands (Keep your wristband on! You can shower and swim with it on and it will last all week. ALL adults and youth must wear the wristband.)  

Please label all items with Camper's first and last name.

Do not bring any video games, toys, media players, computers or valuables to camp. Scouts should not bring cell phones, as all communication can be handled through headquarters. Inappropriate possessions will be confiscated and returned to the camper's parent at sign out. Items not allowed in camp: alcoholic beverages, pets, controlled substances, fireworks and firearms. Anyone found with these items will be asked to leave immediately and the appropriate authorities will be called.

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